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Silk Paintings by Joy-Lily

These works are all painted on silk using permanent dyes and a wax resist called UnGutta. Sizes range from 29" by 29" to 45" by 45".
I teach these techniques in Northern California silk-painting workshops and classes. New: class photos.

All images copyright Joy-Lily 2008. Kindly request permission for use.

Silk painting by Joy-Lily: a green-tentacled sea anemone. Click to enlarge

Red Anemone
36" by 35"             framed             $500

A silk painting by Joy-Lily of a plum tree in bloom. Click to enlarge.

Plum Blossoms
36" by 35"             framed             $500

Silk painting by Joy-Lily of a sea anemone.

Cafe Anemone is Open for Lunch
and if you're a fish, you're on the menu.

45" x 45"             unframed             $600

Gold Dollar Bar
was inspired by a tide of sand dollars at Ocean Beach in San Francisco. I'd been feeling poor, but all the shells washing up said to me "Dollars are always underfoot; just pick them up."

45" x 45"             unframed             $600
Silk painting by Joy-Lily of round green nasturtium leaves. Click to enlarge.

Green Nasturtiums
31" by 31" wrapped on frame             $375

Silk painting by Joy-Lily of autumn leaves. Click to enlarge.
Autumn Carpet
is painted in many layers much like the leaf mulch it portrays.
36" x 35" framed             $600
Silk painting by Joy-Lily of many-colored feathers seen in Bali. Click to enlarge.
Bali Feathers
40" by 20" unframed             $225

Marine Condo
On the beach I found an empty mussel shell
taken over by a colony of white coral.

35" x 35" unframed             $450

Yellow Belly Jelly
22" by 29", wrapped on frame             $400

Spaceship Jelly
29" by 20", wrapped on frame             $400

Flowerhat Jelly
29" by 20", wrapped on frame             $400

Cutleaf Jungle
45" by 32" unframed             $400

To purchase art email me at art@joy-lily.com

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