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Quilts by Joy-Lily

Some of these quilts are hand-stitched, some are machine-stitched.
Every quilt has a built-in sleeve on the back for hanging.
These quilts are made from cotton; see also my silk quilts.

Quilt by Joy-Lily titled: Obama. Click to enlarge.
Help, Hope & Hallelujah! A quilt about Election 2008.
Hand-printed fabrics (Detail); topstitched with campaign rhetoric
Hanging at the National Afro-American Museum, Wilberforce, Ohio, Dec.2009 to Dec.2010
as part of an exhibition of quilts celebrating President Obama.
50" w x 40" h             $1500

Quilt by Joy-Lily titled: Floating Leaves. Click to enlarge.
Floating Leaves
30" w x 25" h             includes hand-dyed and discharged fabrics             $175

Quilt by Joy-Lily titled: Persian Star. Click to enlarge.
Persian Star
25" x 28.5"             includes hand-dyed and discharged fabrics             $150

Quilt by Joy-Lily titled: Top of the World. Click to enlarge.
Top of the World
40" w x 22" h             includes hand-dyed silks bordering marbled cotton embellished with hand embroidery             $275

Quilt by Joy-Lily titled: Lattice Leaves. Click to enlarge.
Lattice Leaves
47" w x 60" h     Hand-dyed and discharged fabrics. Nothing wasted! The scraps became Into the Woods.     $600

Quilt by Joy-Lily titled: Red Leaves Baby Quilt.
Red Leaves Baby Quilt
42" w x 42" h                         $175

Quilt Oh My Stars
Oh My Stars
42" x 42"             includes hand dyed fabrics. Batik on back             SOLD

green applique
Elemental Earth
30" x 25" with padded border, hand topstitched                         $175

blue applique
Elemental Water
30" x 25" with padded border, hand topstitched                         $175

Quilt by Joy-Lily titled: Coriolis Factor.
Coriolis Factor
42" x 42" hand stitched         $400

Quilt by Joy-Lily titled: Rubik Rose
Rubik Rose
17" x 21"             $95

Quilt by Joy-Lily titled: Maple Leaf

Maple Leaf
17" x 17" hand stitched         $275

 titled: Sweet Home
Sweet Home
wall hanging $80

by Joy-Lily titled: Oak Wreath

Oak Leaf Wreath
24" x 24with dimensional bow and beaded berries $75

 by Joy-Lily titled: Raspberry Parfait

Raspberry Parfait
62" x 62" double bed quilt with hand-dyed fabrics $650

To purchase quilts, email me at quilts@joy-lily.com

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