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2018 Winter Fiber Art Classes with Joy-Lily

color code for class titles: red = local ongoing class, green = one-day local workshop, turquoise = potential workshop

purplec circles

Dyeing For Crafters with Shibori
Thursdays 10:00 AM - 2 PM. 7 classes
starts January 11
South San Francisco Parks & Rec, 33 Arroyo Dr. near El Camino.

It's easy to color up wool for your knitting, felting or crochet work and to create amazing shibori (Japanese tie-dyeing) patterns on silk scarves and cotton yardage for quilting and sewing projects.Try out several shibori techniques like wrapping, stitching, clamping and the "rope trick". We'll experiment with acid dyes for hot water and silk painting, fiber-reactive dyes for cold water and natural dyes such as onion skins, henna, cutch, annato and madder. There's always an indigo pot on tap. Natural dyes are full of surprises such as how some dye colors change when the water is more acid or more alkaline. Experience dyeing fiber is not necessary for this class.A sense of adventure is a plus. Pre-registration required.$112 (discount to seniors and SSF residents) +$25 supply fee that includes some white wool fleece or yarn and cotton yardage to dye.
Non-SSF residents may sign up starting December 18. Register online using course # 166616 at http://www.ssf.net or call 650-829-3800.

three quilters with a manycolored quilt.

Quilting Clinic in San Francisco
Wednesdays 2:00 - 5:00 PM, Drop in classes in Bernal Heights, $10.
Enjoy the company of a friendly group of quilters of all levels. Get support, advice and space to finish ongoing projects, or to try new techniques. Call 415-826-2848 for directions.
batik green

Batik Dyeing,
Tuesdays 6:30 - 9PM, 8 Classes
starts January 16.
Create multi-colored, crackle textured designs on cotton and silk with permanent dyes and soy wax. Learn to apply wax by brush, stamp and tjanting (a traditional wax drawing tool). After you've waxed and dyed several layers and colors, remove the wax to reveal your images. No special art talent is needed to produce gorgeous, colorful scarves, table napkins, t-shirts, or cloth for quilting and sewing with this magical method. $20 materials fee includes a yard of cotton and a silk scarf.
Non-SSF residents may sign up starting December 18. Register online using course # 166617 at http://www.ssf.net or call 650-829-3800.

Shyannon pulling fresh-dyed scarf off line in shibori workshop.

Make Your Own Class!

Shibori Scarf Party

Get a group of your friends to get together in your home and create beautiful, original scarves with this fascinating, goof-proof textile technique. Make gorgeous silk scarves while learning a new art form. (Fiber art experience is not necessary.) With 8 attendees paying $50 each including the first silk scarf, you, as host get the class free.

Call me to schedule a Shibori Party: 415-826-8248.

Shibori photos!

Indigo To-Go Party

Get a group of friends together in your back yard. We'll quickly mix up a vat of pre-reduced indigo. Dye dramatic, blue and white patterns on your linens, quilt fabric and clothing using a variety of shibori techniques: clamping, tying, pole wrapping and "the rope trick" Watch your cloth turn blue in the air like magic!

Melissa with blue work Indigo clothesline
With 8 attendees paying $50 each, you, as host, get the class free. Call me to plan an Indigo Party.

For information on any class, or to register, (unless otherwise noted) contact: classes@joy-lily.com 415-826-8248.

See photos of these classes and more on the workshops page.
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