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Silk Quilts by Joy-Lily

Each silk quilt is top-stitched to enhance its particular imagery, and has a built-in sleeve on the back for hanging.
See also my cotton quilts.

Silk quilt by Joy-Lily of a checkered red flower. Click to enlarge.
In Bloom
Silk painting with collage, framed in hand-printed silks. Click to enlarge
24" x 22"             $450

Rainy Day in the City
Collage of discharged and shibori-dyed silks
22" x 22"             $450

Quilt by Joy-Lily titled: Top of the World. Click to enlarge.
Top of the World
includes hand-dyed silks bordering marbled cotton embellished with hand embroidery
40" x 22"             $275
Silk quilt by Joy-Lily: an oval maroon sea anemone. Click to enlarge.

Anemone Anomaly
Quilted silk painting with shibori-dyed frame. Click to enlarge
46" x 30" framed             $950

Silk quilt by Joy-Lily of gingko leaves on navy blue. Click to enlarge.

HGTV Gingkos
Silk painted live on HGTV, bordered in painted, hand-printed silk. Click to enlarge
37" x 29"             $600

Silk quilt by Joy-Lily. Click to enlarge.

Wild Nasturtiums
Silk painting embellished with hand-printed gingko leaves. Click to enlarge
54" x 40"             $1000

Autumn On My Mind
Collage of painted and shibori-dyed silks
22" x 18"             $450
Silk quilt by Joy-Lily, Wild Nasturtiums II. Click to enlarge.
Wild Nasturtiums II
Silk and cotton with collage. Leaves emphasized by top-stitching. Click to enlarge
51" x 26"             $800
Pair of small quilts by Joy-Lily called 'Walls of San Miguel.' Click to enlarge.
Walls of San Miguel, I & II
hand-dyed silks, freehand longarm quilted. Click to enlarge.
13" w x 19" h and 15.5" w x 19.5" h             $95 each

To purchase silk quilts, email me at silkquilts@joy-lily.com

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