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Improv Quilts
by Joy-Lily

Some of these quilts are hand-stitched, some are machine-stitched. Each has a built-in sleeve on the back for hanging.
These quilts are cotton; see also my silk quilts.

Quilt by Joy-Lily called 'Into the Woods.' Click to enlarge.
Into the Woods
with original hand-dyed/discharged fabrics. Click to enlarge.
40" w by 28" h             $300
Quilt by Joy-Lily titled: Along the Fence. Click to enlarge.
Along the Fence $150
24" h by 14" h, embellished with hand embroidery
Quilt by Joy-Lily called 'Some Days are More Chaotic than Others.' Click to enlarge.
Some Days are More Chaotic than Others
Embellished with buttons. Close-up
36" w x 26" h             $300

Quilt by Joy-Lily called 'Paint Chips

Paint Chips

22" w x 22" hand dyed fabrics and hand top stitching             $150

Pillars Of The Temple
includes hand-dyed fabrics
28" x 21"             $200

Scrappy Lanterns
24" x 32"             $200

Quilt by Joy-Lily called 'Andy's Garden.' Click to enlarge.
Dinner for 10 #1
58" w by 68" h             NFS

Blue Crown Jewels
48" w x 40" h             $175


Cabins in the Snow
49" x 48"             $175

Quilt by Joy-Lily called 'Joy's Bend.' Click to enlarge.
Joy's Bend             Click to enlarge.
A personal scrapbook of leftover patches from other projects and demo pieces from quilting lessons.
84" w x 85" h             NFS.             I can turn your memento fabrics into a similar quilt.

To purchase quilts, email me at quilts@joy-lily.com

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